Dad of the Year

The Dad of the Year Campaign honors Dads who have embraced their role as a father to a child with special needs. The Dad of the Year loves unconditionally and is involved and invested in the life of his family and the community.

Nominations for the 2023 Dad of the Year Campaign are now closed. We will post an announcement when we start our 2024 Dad of the Year Campaign.  Thank you to everyone who participated.




2023 Dad of the Year - Raheel kajani

Thank you to Raheel's partner, Mehreen Rupani, for sharing the following narrative.

Raheel has gone above and beyond to ensure his only daughter gets a fair chance at life. Alesha, who is autistic and six years of age, spent four years in the hospital battling bone marrow failure. Despite having a full-time job, Raheel made sure to visit her daily. She knew he was there for her, though she couldn't verbalize it. When working late at night, Raheel would call Alesha through WhatsApp to wish her good night. Alesha beamed with happiness whenever she saw her dad. On his days off, he takes his daughter outside and spends much-needed quality time. Raheel learned her signs and gestures and seemed always to know how to make her happy and to do the little things to give her joy. He patiently deals with her tantrums and keeps cool and demonstrates unconditional love towards Alesha.